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Ankle Injuries Should Never Be Ignored: Here’s Why

ankle-injuries-should-never-be-ignored-heres-whyIt might not appear to be a major issue if you trip and roll your ankle. Although you can still walk on it, you may initially experience swelling or mild discomfort. You keep going to work and exercising, but even if the discomfort may get better, it never totally disappears.

Every year, 28,000 people suffer from ankle injuries, such as bone fractures, ligament sprains, and strains. Sports injuries account for half of these injuries. If the injury is neglected, you can notice that the joint’s range of motion declines over time or that you have a more crippling injury in the future. Allow our physical therapy services in New York to share with you some alternatives to “walking it off” or continuing to play through ankle pain.

Sprains are the most common type of ankle injury. This injury can arise by rolling or twisting your ankle and is frequently brought on by daily stress or unexpected damage. Sprains frequently result in bruising and can limit joint movement. Among other frequent ankle injuries are:

  • Fractures of the bones
  • Tendonitis or inflamed joints
  • Gout
  • Arthritis

If not treated immediately, ankle injuries can lead to prolonged recovery, affect how you walk, creates weaker and unstable ligaments, makes joints vulnerable to future injuries, and increases your risk of arthritis.

As such, if you have injured your ankle, don’t simply “walk it off”. Instead, visit our physical therapy in Ozone Park, New York, for a check-up and treatment if needed.

Emory Physical Therapy provides physical therapy in NY that aims to improve the overall health and wellness of our clients.

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