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Common Conditions that Physical Therapy Can Address

Common Conditions that Physical Therapy Can Address

Physiotherapy aims to promote, restore, or maintain overall wellness through examination, diagnosis, and physical intervention. Also referred to as physical therapy, this treatment usually includes exercise for immobilized or impaired patients. Through regular sessions, patients can increase flexibility and range of motion.

As a trusted provider of physical therapy in Ozone Park, New York, we will discuss the conditions that physiotherapy can help address:

  • Sports Injuries
    Sports injuries like stress fractures can be treated with physical therapy. A physical therapist can also create personalized recovery programs and prevention exercises for a smooth recovery and to prevent future injuries.
  • Lymphedema
    This disease occurs when excess fluids gather in the lymphatic system. This excess fluid circulates through the bloodstream causing swelling. PT can address this through an examination and treatment to reduce swelling and avoid fluid buildup.
  • Back and Neck Pain
    Chronic neck and back pain is acute pain that comes on suddenly or regularly and often lasts for several months and even years. This can restrict normal functioning and affect one’s quality of life. PT helps ease pain and improve mobility.
  • Headaches
    In some cases, migraine and tension-type headaches can result in severe head or neck injury. PT can help address this by developing a proper plan of care that aims to increase neck mobility and strengthen the muscles found in the upper back.

Emory Physical Therapy is a clinic offering high-quality physical therapy services in New York. We offer our services to treat several conditions that include orthopedic issues, sports injuries, and more. Call us or send us a message for inquiries regarding our services.

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