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Effective Strategies to Relieve Lower Back Pain

remedies-for-lower-back-painLower back pain is inconvenient and taxing, and it is the last thing you want to encounter. We’re all eager about the best way to get rid of lower back pain quickly. Physical therapy in Ozone Park, New York, which is among the best, is one of the most effective strategies to relieve low back pain and manage the related symptoms.

  • Posture
    Maintaining a healthy posture when performing physical activities or sitting can help avoid or worsen lower back pain. Avoid slouching or hunching to promote back health. Lifting a heavy thing should be done by bending and straightening from the knees rather than utilizing your back.
  • Muscle Loosening Exercises
    Although it may seem paradoxical to exercise when suffering from lower back pain, the appropriate type of movement can help alleviate the discomfort. When you are in pain, it is a good idea to check your doctor before engaging in any exercise.
  • Heat and Ice Therapy
    Using a cold treatment can help reduce severe inflammation and swelling, which can worsen the pain. Heat therapy, on the other hand, can provide pain relief, enhance blood circulation, and generate a more relaxed sensation.
  • Proper Diet
    A balanced diet will help you maintain a healthy weight, which can ease lower back discomfort. Furthermore, good nutrition can support healthy bones and bone growth.

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