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How Physical Therapy Helps People with Arthritis


People with arthritis may be hesitant to engage in physical activity for fear of further aggravating their condition by overusing their painful joints. Nonetheless, it’s perfect for maintaining their joints’ health and flexibility.

Depending on one’s diagnosis and treatment plan, physical therapy in Emory may help them cope with mobility and activity-related symptoms associated with arthritis, even if there is currently no cure.

The goal of physical therapy for people with arthritis is to increase the range of motion in their joints and teach them how to move to minimize discomfort and the risk of further injury.

A person’s need for physical therapy will vary according to their specific case of arthritis, location, and general health. Types of these sorts include:

  • Exercise therapy
    Physical therapists (PT) may often prescribe exercise programs to help patients recover from injuries or strengthen weakened muscles caused by arthritis.
  • Manipulation
    PTs may manipulate the afflicted joint or the surrounding area and massage irritated tissue to help lessen the pain and move again correctly.
  • Orthotic support
    Using orthotics, or special devices, can aid in movement support, significantly if a person can’t move without any assistance.

Because of the many treatment options available, it has quickly become one of the most advocated methods of managing this health issue; that’s why you should get physical therapy in Ozone Park, New York if you have arthritis!

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