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How Therapists Ensure Proper Posture During Exercise

How Therapists Ensure Proper Posture During Exercise

There is no question that regular exercise is essential for general well-being. It helps to promote physical health and boosts people’s self-esteem. It induces a rush of natural brain chemicals like serotonin. However, there are several things to keep in mind when exercising, particularly strength training.

Strength training is an effective way to lose fat around the muscles of the body. As the leading provider of physical therapy services in New York, we have seen a wide range of physical ailments caused by exercise. What is the major cause for them? Poor posture. So, here are some injury-prevention suggestions from Emory Physical Therapy.

  • Get a trainer – You won’t know how to activate your core or keep your spine straight if you don’t have one. So enlist the assistance of someone, and we highly recommend someone from Emory Physical Therapy NY.
  • Align the spine straight – Injuring the spine is no joke. So, to prevent placing pressure on your neck and back, keep them in a straight line. Always ensuring the alignment of your spine also saves you the trouble of getting therapy in the future.
  • Engage your core – The abdominal muscles are vital in strength training. You may wind up straining your neck or spine if you don’t know how to activate your core.

We advocate for overall wellness and we want everyone to be as healthy as possible, but we also want to emphasize how much good perfect form can do for your body.

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