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Keeping It Real With Physical Therapy

Keeping It Real With Physical Therapy

At some point, you may have heard about Physical Therapy. Whether you have heard about it somewhere or you are receiving the recommendation to consider one, it is always best to learn more about anything. Unfortunately, the abundance of information also leads to the problem of the misconception that prevails to deter facts.

Let us talk about the false information about Therapy so you can make a better choice.

Is physical therapy painful? People who have not experienced or witnessed therapy firsthand may not understand that physical therapy is “not” a source of pain. The goal of physical therapy is to minimize discomfort and pain and while there may be some “pain” along with the sessions, it is far from what the patient suffers because of their injuries.

Is physical therapy only for recovery due to injuries? Physical therapy is a lot more than just stretching or strengthening muscles. Evaluation and diagnosis of potential problems are part of the program. Patients recovering from their surgeries can also benefit from physical therapy.

Can anyone provide physical therapy? Can a person carry out their physical therapy program based on the Internet? No. Any practice that has a significant impact on the health and safety of a person has to pass through a certification. A licensed physical therapist delivers an effective program while prioritizing the client’s safety. Any attempts made without prior training and certification can become risky and ineffective.

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