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Proper Lifting Techniques to Avoid Injuries


Improper posture and execution when lifting heavy objects might cause short and long-term back injuries. These injuries due to lifting can take weeks or even months to heal and even years without proper therapy and treatment.

Whether you’re having physical training, lifting weights, or carrying heavy objects at work, your form and proper posture are important for your overall health. Emory Physical Therapy, a leading provider of physical therapy services in New York believes that the following practical tips below will help you prevent injuries while lifting:

  • Have a good footing.
    Before lifting the heavy object, make sure to keep a wide base of support. Always make sure your feet are shoulder-width apart, with one foot slightly ahead of the other. In Emory, we suggest that you should center your body weight to provide a powerful line of thrust.
  • Make your grip good.
    Grasp the heavy object firmly. You may use gloves, if possible, for a better grip.
  • Remember not to twist.
    You should not turn your waist when you want to turn while lifting instead try to move your feet to turn around
  • Keep your grasp close.
    Grasp the load firmly and lift it toward your belt buckle. Hold very closely to your body and avoid putting pressure on your back.

With consistent practice, you’ll be able to master the following lifting techniques. If you’re interested to know more or you want to have treatment for any physical injuries, consider availing of physical therapy in Ozone Park, New York.

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