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What Can Happen If You Ignore a Muscle Injury

What Can Happen If You Ignore a Muscle Injury

While it’s normal to feel sore after a rigorous workout or sports activity, not all discomfort is normal.

What most consider as “good pain” often falls under the category of DOMS or delayed onset muscle soreness, which typically occurs six to eight hours post-workout and passes within 72 hours. Additionally, the further you increase the intensity, you may notice that adjusting to DOMS can feel easer — your muscles feeling more flexible and responsive.

When pain lasts for more than 72 hours and doesn’t go away, it may be a sign that you have a muscle injury and require Physical Therapy Services in New York ASAP.

Powering through an injury and/or returning to work immediately after an accident without seeking medical attention can only worsen your condition. When your muscles don’t heal correctly, the rest of your body must compensate for the weakened areas, which can inevitably result in additional strain, overuse injuries, or fractures.

To avoid this scenario, getting screened by a professional therapist and receiving Physical Therapy in Ozone Park, New York, is your best option.

Here at Emory, we’ve had dozens of patients who have been in the same situation as the one mentioned above, and we’ve helped them find effective solutions to each of their conditions.

If you’re feeling discomfort and pain from a muscle injury, getting Therapy can help ease your symptoms.

Contact Emory Physical Therapy to set an appointment today!

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