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What’s in the Day of the Life of a Physical Therapist?

What’s in the Day of the Life of a Physical Therapist?

Physical therapists play a very important role in every patient’s recovery from injuries due to accidents, sports, work-related activities, and other related operations. Usually, patients that undergo therapy are those experiencing:

Engaging in physical therapy is a meticulous job since as physical therapists, they will supervise not only patients but also their team of assistants and aides, making sure that the end goal of recovery will be achieved.

As a physical therapist, one must do the following tasks:

  • direct patient care under the authorization and go signal of a physician
  • create or update a patient’s treatment plan
  • test and measure a patient’s strength and flexibility
  • oversee their assistants and aides
  • advise and consult the patient and their family and other persons that need to be involved in the care, treatment, and progress of the patient

Emory Physical Therapy offers physical therapy services in New York. We, in our team, understand the difficulty of going through partial immobility, thus, we provide a customized approach for our services for each of our patients.

With our unique approach to physical therapy in Ozone Park, New York, we make sure to enable our patients to engage in their healing process and inspire them to maximize their quality of life.

Get to know more about us by browsing through our website and always remember that inquiries are always welcome, hence if you got questions and concerns, send us a message, or set an appointment with us. You can call us too, via the contact information that we have provided.

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