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Common Orthopedic Health Issues

Common Orthopedic Health Issues

The importance of our musculoskeletal system cannot be overstated – it is about our overall functioning. When injuries or health issues affect any aspect of this network, complications can vary and force changes in the individual’s capacity. Patients and families then seek a trusted provider of physical therapy in Ozone Park, New York.

Orthopedic issues can affect anyone at any age. These issues are caused by a variety of reasons, from birth defects to accident injuries. Here are some of the common issues. For a comprehensive evaluation, set an appointment with us.

  • Neck pain, low back pain, and back injuries
  • Joint arthritis
  • Sprains and strains
  • Fractures (such as hip fractures)
  • Shoulder pain and problems

At Emory Physical Therapy, the members of our orthopedic team are experts in the health and recovery of muscle, ligament, joint bone, and tendon. Our Orthopedic doctors provide surgical and non-surgical treatments based on the patient’s case. Our physical therapy services in New York include assistance in restoring the patient’s normal body functions after the operation.

Follow up check-ups are important at Emory. In our dedication to our patient’s recovery, we strive to providing better solutions and improving our therapy. Contact us to learn more!

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