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How Rehabilitation Can Reduce Disability

How Rehabilitation Can Reduce Disability

With no proper treatment, severe injuries could lead to a serious disability, especially if the injury affects your neurological functions. Rehabilitation programs, such as occupational and physical therapy services in, New York, are an indispensable approach to treating injuries and preventing disabilities.

  • Pain Management
    This is the top purpose of rehabilitation. It aims to control the pain from falling, sports accident, or surgical operation. Physical therapy in Ozone Park, New York could reduce the possibility of swelling, disabling pain, and stress on joints. It offers relief while improving your condition.
  • Functionality Enhancement
    People who have lost the ability to carry an object, climb stairs, or use utensils could regain strength and avoid longer functional disability. Physical therapy is designed to improve the movements of large muscles to help you regain your strength and motor skills. With customized exercises, you can avoid the possibility of losing your bodily functions.
  • Balance and Strength Improvement
    Disability limits your mobility and independence. With the help of Emory Physical Therapy NY, you can restore stability to avoid falling and strengthen your bones and muscles. Your body will become more aware of your position and maintain coordination.

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