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What Are the Symptoms of Neck and Back Pain

What Are the Symptoms of Neck and Back Pain

Aside from the burning or stabbing pain, what does it like to have neck and back pain? What does it feel after hours of improper posture while sitting or sleeping? Can you describe the feeling to a specialist providing physical therapy in Ozone Park, New York? Today, we want to discuss with you some of the common symptoms of neck and back pain.

  • Weak muscles or bones.
    Severe pain could lessen the strength of your muscles and bones. It deprives your body of its needed energy to carry an object or even to stand after hours of immobility. This is why physical therapy is of great significance in maintaining strong muscles and bones.
  • Numbness or burning sensation.
    The affected nerves could feel a tingling sensation or not feel anything normal at all. The common reason for this is the pressure on the spinal cord, injury, or repetitive motion tasks. Physical therapy services in, New York offer light exercises, like stretching, to relieve the pain.
  • Coolness in arms or hands.
    This is an indication that either your veins or arteries or both have been blocked. Certain injuries or even bad postures could also create the same sensation. The coolness is the result of not getting enough blood in that particular part of your body.

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