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Muscle Care Is Key to Preventing Painful Cramps

muscle-care-is-key-to-preventing-painful-crampsMuscle cramps can result from prolonged physical activity, particularly in hot temperatures. An uncontrollable, sudden spasm of one or more of your muscles is known as a muscle cramp. Home remedies can also be used to alleviate muscle cramps.

Allow us to provide our best advice for avoiding muscle cramps with you as your trusted provider of physical therapy in NY. You may always stay in good shape with these basic doable approaches.

  • Stay hydrated.
    Fluids keep muscle cells hydrated and less irritated while also assisting with muscular contraction and relaxation. Water replenishment at regular intervals is another benefit, particularly when you’re working out. After you’re done, keep drinking water or other liquids.
  • Make it a habit to stretch.
    Your muscles are trained to withstand continuous action by stretching them. Stretch your muscles both before and after any prolonged use. You can get daily stretching routines from our experts in physical therapy.
  • Healthy eating
    It is well recognized that foods high in potassium, salt, calcium, and magnesium enhance the health of muscles. Bananas, sweet potatoes, avocados, beans, melons, milk, dark leafy greens, and oranges all contain these electrolytes. You may get more health advice on eating foods high in electrolytes according to our therapists providing physical therapy services in New York.

To keep your muscles in top condition, bear in mind that effective usage of balance, core stability, and strength are essential. Recognize when you need to rest and how to do so. Overusing your body might have negative effects.

To learn more about how you can avail of our physical therapy in Ozone Park, New York, make sure to get in touch with Emory Physical Therapy whenever you have questions about your health and wellness. We look forward to helping you!

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