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Resolving Balance Problems With Physical Therapy


As people grow older, balance problems gradually occur, especially for those with physical conditions. Being unable to maintain a stable and upright position, like standing, walking, and even sitting, gets in the way of having a quality life because having balance impairment hampers our day-to-day functioning.

Our physical therapy in Ozone Park, New York, is here to offer our services. Our pharmacists will focus on creating an individualized rehabilitation program in treating your balance problems through different options. What’s the basic thing to know about therapy?

Physical therapy isn’t as intimidating as it sounds when you know what you’re getting into. Expect that the physical therapists of Emory will evaluate your overall physical capability and carry out tests like motion, strength, coordination, visual tracking, and balance tests.

Our physical therapy services in, New York will employ various physical therapy techniques like strengthening, stretching, visual tracking, inner ear training, and proprioception exercises to cure the bodily system that’s causing the main issues. However, before the process of healing begins, we first have to identify the underlying causes.

Some of the benefits you’ll get from having a professional therapist attend to your needs is that your risk of falling will lessen, and your mobility, balance, and strength will improve.

In Emory Physical Therapy’s goal of reaching the best positive outcomes for our patient’s recovery, we also tap into other resources like a doctor or other health care professionals especially when additional cases are needed or to rule out any potential underlying conditions.

If you have inquiries, the doors of our physical therapy in NY are open for you.

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