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Pain Management With the Help of Physical Therapy


Getting a recommendation for physical therapy might be a confusing experience because a lot of people are used to receiving medicine prescriptions, surgical operations, and other clinical treatments to get better. With most people having a hectic schedule, the idea of regularly meeting a physical therapist seems dreadful and exhausting.

Here’s why, together with the healthcare community, Emory insists and has invested in Physical therapy.

  • Lessons or eliminates pain
    To reestablish blood flow to injured tissues, physical therapists employ ultrasound, electrical stimulation, and hands-on technique. This enhances tissue performance, significantly lessens pain perception in patients, and could prevent pain from coming back.
  • Improves mobility
    No matter the age range, limitation in mobility happens. The physical therapy services in, New York can help you with your troubles when it comes to walking, standing, or any form of movement. Exercise for flexibility and strength can help you regain your mobility. Some therapy programs would assess if you need an orthotic prescription, and your physical therapist would properly match you with the appropriate crane, crutches, or any other assistive device.
  • Helps in recovery from stroke
    After suffering from a stroke, what could immediately come is for the patient to experience some function and movement loss.

Our physical therapy in NY, with its direct care, will support the balance and gait while strengthening weak areas of your body. Emory Physical Therapy specializes in helping stroke patients recover a person’s ability to move around and walk and enhance functionality.

Our physical therapists in physical therapy in Ozone Park, New York, are highly trained to be experts in movements to enhance our patient’s quality of life.

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