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Tips to a Proper Post-Surgical Care


It is important that a person receives proper care and attention after surgery in order to ensure his/her quick recovery. If not given appropriate post-surgical care, they are at risk of contracting serious complications and infections.

To prevent this from happening, here are some post-surgical reminders to remember in order to provide better care for your loved one:

  • Consult with doctors and nurses about the items required for their recovery and purchase them ahead of time.
  • Clean and prepare their living space. Remove any hazards or obstacles that may cause accidents or falls.
  • Allow them to receive therapy which will help them recover faster and return to their normal life routine.

Undergoing physical therapy is a viable and effective option for your loved one who just had major surgery. It particularly helps with their mobility. Physical therapists will help restore their physical and motor functions through therapeutic exercises and muscle re-education, among other things.

At Emory Physical Therapy, we can help you get back to work and your life as quickly as possible without compromising your care. Our clinicians provide effective and efficient physical therapy in Ozone Park, New York to help rehabilitate your bodily functions.

It is our mission at Emory Physical Therapy to provide the highest quality of treatment and patient care to empower our patients to achieve their daily goals through the use of an evidence-based and innovative approach.

To learn more about our physical therapy services in, New York, you can call us at 718-880-1593.

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