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Meniscus Injuries: How Physical Therapy Can Help


If you recently discovered that your knee pain and swelling result from a torn meniscus, you will likely need to decide how to treat the injury, such as therapy or, worst-case scenario, surgery.

One of the most typical knee ailments is a torn meniscus. It may cause excruciating discomfort or possibly total immobilization. Symptoms of a knee injury may include swelling, pain, and the inability to bend or straighten the knee.

The severity of your tear and how quickly you want to return to your regular activities will all play a role in determining the best course of action. Some meniscal injuries can heal without intervention. However, physical therapy can be as beneficial as surgery in fixing the problem. 

Many studies have proved that physical therapy for meniscal tears is as effective as surgery, restoring function and reducing pain. After sustaining a knee injury, such as a meniscal tear, it is best to start with physical therapy in NY and work up to surgery if you want to. 

Specific stretches and exercises for maintaining flexible leg muscles will have you flex and extend your knee as far as possible. 

Our physical therapy services in New York may suggest various methods and treatments to reduce pain and swelling and improve the contraction and support provided by the muscles around the knee.

With the proper support, you may resume your normal activities as soon as possible without sacrificing your health. At Emory Physical Therapy, we will help you recover immediately with our effective physical therapy in Ozone Park, New York!

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